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Triangulum Australis


English name:
Southern Triangle
see Stellar data



This nice little constellation is located close to circumpolar regions of the south pole of the sky. It is lying between DECL=-60 degrees and DECL=-70 degrees and RA=17h and RA=15h. The three leading stars are so bright that this constellation can be used to find others around it (like Apus in the south, Norma in the north, in the west Circinus and Centaurus and east Ara and Pavo).
The southern edge of the Milky Way touches this constellation.

Stars and other objects

The open star cluster NGC 6025 is a good object for binoculars. About 30 stars of 7th mag and fainter belong to this group. It lies at the boundary to the constellation Norma and has a distance of about 2000 lightyears.

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