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English name:
Bird of Paradise
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A small constellation of the south polar region of the sky (DECL=-70 degrees to DECL=-80 degrees, RA=14h to RA=18h). Its quite faint for the brightest star has just 3.83 mag.
This constellation was named by the astronomer Johan Bayer in the 17th century.

Stars and other objects

The double delta Aps consists of two orange-red 5th mag stars; delta1 Aps is a M5 giant and delta2 Aps a K3 giant. They can easily be observed with binoculars.
The double kappa1 Aps and kappa2 Aps is a bit more faint. The two stars belong to the spectraltype "B" and have magnitudines of 5.49 and 5.65, respectively.
The variable star R Aps is a red giant of 5.34 mag.

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