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One of the constellations of the southern hemisphere named by the LaCaille. South of Corona Australis this constellation stretches from RA=18h 10m to RA=20h 30m and DECL=54 degrees to DECL=63 degrees. The other surrounding constellations are Ara to the west, Indus to the east, Sagittarius to the north-east and Pavo to the south.
This region is very poor for amateur astronomers because of its lack of bright stars or other interesting objects. The bright star at the very south-east edge of Telescopium belong to Pavo (the star is alpha Pav).
An apparent double star is formed by delta1 Tel and delta2 Tel. These two blue-white stars (a B6 subgaint of 4.96 mag and a B3 gaint of 5.07 mag) can be separated with binoculars.

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