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A little constellation of the southern hemisphere. It located between DECL=-37 degrees DECL=-57 degrees and between RA=21h 30m and RA=23h 30m. The star field in this region is relatively poor. The B7 subgiant alpha Gru, called Al Na'ir is one of the few bright stars here (1.74 mag).

Stars and other objects

The double delta Gru is visible even with the naked eye. It consists of a G6-8 III star of 3.97 mag and a M4.5IIIa star of 4.11 mag.
A bit fainter is the double mu Gru. Yet it can be viewed with naked eye, too. The two stars are both G8 giants (G8III) of 4.79 mag and 5.10 mag, respectively.
A telescope with an aperture of 60 mm should easily resolve the binary theta Gru (b 54). Its components are of 4th and 7th mag.

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