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English name:
Little Horse
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Close to the heaven equator lies the faint constellation of Equuleus. It streches roughly from DECL=+13 degrees to DECL=0 degrees and RA=20h 55m to RA=21h 30m. This small size makes it the second smallest constellation in the sky.
With the brightest star showing 3.92 mag it is also a rather dim constellation.

Stars and other objects

Gamma Equ is a F0p star of 4.69 mag brightness. In binoculars a companion of 6th mag can be revealed.
A small telescope is sufficient to show the 7th mag blue-white companion of epsilon Equ, an F6 subgiant of 5.23 mag. This subgiant forms with a 6th mag star a close binary system. Both star revolve each other every 101 years. To split this pair larger scopes with an aperture of at lest 15cm are required.

Mythological Background:

There seems to be a connection to the brother of Pegasus: Celeris.

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